Sunday, July 24, 2011

Water Lily Napkin Folding Tutorial for a Sunday brunch

Regardless of the simplicity of the meal, napkins folded in variety of ways will complement the food, the layout and the occasion in a major way.

Today, I am having some of my girl friends over for a  Sunday brunch. I saw some beautiful lily pads on my walk around the Green Lake yesterday which is the inspiration to today's tutorial. 
I will be demonstrating to create a water lily using a bright colored napkin.  If you decide to give it try, please let me know how your water lily turned out...

Step 1: Fold the corners of the napkin into the centre and press flat.

Step 2: Repeat the 'step 1' a second time.

Step 3: Holding the center points together, carefully turn the napkin over.

Step 4: Fold the four corners into the center again, but do not press.

Step 5: It is time to make the petals of your flowers now! Holding the center firmly, partly pull out the previous fold from under each corner and gently pull them upwards to make the first layer of petals.

Step 6: To create the base leaves of your water lily, pull out the corners from underneath between the petals.

Step 7: Va laaa...  A fresh water lily ready to put a smile on all of guests face when they come. 

TIP: Lily pad napkins can hold a bread roll, a small gift or a small jam cup (like the one in the 1st picture) or seasonal decorations such as cones for winter time.


  1. Read this while cooking Sunday morning breakfast and decided to surprise the family with cute folded napkins. Thanks for posting this!

  2. I love a pretty table setting! Thanks for this tutorial, I will definitely do this on my next dinner party!

  3. It is all about being able to make life more better and beautiful with these small little things.Very useful tutorial indeed to add more spark to the lunch.Charm Bracelets

  4. Cute tutorial, thanks for posting! I'm off to share this with our Paper Lovers group on Facebook :)


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