Saturday, July 9, 2011

Office Decoration Ideas: Modern Accents

I want to take you to my office today... Here is my latest office decor! A colorful picture frame I put together to add some fun to my workspace.

The story of this frame was I got this picture frame like 2 months ago but; never got a chance to have small photos printed that will fit to the frame. One day- I think it was a rainy Seattle day, I thought it is time to do something with this pretty frame. So; I cut this rainbow office paper I had in my office in various colors to use as the photos. .. What do you think?
I hope my small office project will give you a bit of inspiration and you are all having a colorful, sunny weekend!

Tip: You could also try decorated paper for this project. I bet some colorful scrap-booking papers will look great!


  1. Nice idea! If you ever do put pics it might look nice with some small B&W pics with the colors showing around the edges...

  2. The colors are nice, but as the previous commenter posted, it might look even more awesome if some of the slots had photos in them. 'Worth trying.

  3. Great blog !!!
    Great Ideas :)
    I see what you mean, I will have to do some work!

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