Friday, April 27, 2012

Personalized Necklaces for Mothers

Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Friday! There are only 3 weeks left for Mother's Day and I have been working so hard lately to complete personalized necklace and accessories orders for A Cup of Sparkle customers.
Mom Son Daughter Key chain for a mom of 4 children by A Cup of Sparkle
It is always so much fun to make custom designs and see the finished custom designs. Today, I thought I will share some of the custom orders I made.

Personalized Birthstone Necklace
This necklace is a custom birthstone necklace with a beautiful hummingbird for a mom with 5 children in red and purple freshwater pearls. It is already on its way to its new home (nest).

Handmade Three children mom necklace by A Cup of Sparkle
This blue and pink pearl design was already in my shop as a  key chain and I have made it to a necklace for a customer lately using smaller pearls. I like the finished designs so much that I post it in my shop to make it available for others. Hope you liked them as much as I did. I am looking forward to more new projects... To see more, you can visit my Etsy shop.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mother's Day Sale on Personalized Brooches

Mother's Day is March 13th this year. Special to Mother's Day, personalized handmade brooch pins are now on sale in my Etsy shop. Brooches makes great gifts for mothers, mother in-laws, grandmas or just for anyone who loves birds and nature. There are so many different ways to use brooches. You can check out my earlier blog post giving you some tips on how to wear pins.

Mother's Day Sale by A Cup of Sparkle, handmade brooch pin with 3 pearls
Looking for another piece of handmade jewelry gift for Mother's Day? You can click here to see more of the A Cup of Sparkle jewelry and accessories. You can personalize all of the birds nest jewelry and accessories with different number and color of pearls and gemstones.

Handmade brooch with one pearl representing one children

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sparkling Rhinestone Headband Tutorial: Round 1

Sparkling when you are exercising... hmmm, those two words/activities don't usually come together for most of the people out there except for some us who are just born with glitter in their veins

I made this sparkling rhinestone head piece for my upcoming 10K run this weekend in Portland. (Bridge to Brews on April 15th). I used my favorite no slip Nike Headband that I wear every time I go running. I could have used a ribbon for the headband but; this one I own has a silicone band glued to it which makes it great for exercising!

Rhinestone Headband for Runners
Materials: Rhinestones, cotton embroidery thread, needle, scissors and a headband

Instructions: I used two strands of rhinestones. You can use only a single strand or multiples. Simply sew the rhinestones on the headband. I sewed two times between the rhinestones to make the coral color stand out a bit. After sewing the rhinestones, I filled the two sides of the rhinestones by sewing more. If you decide to do this step, you will need to do both side to create a regular surface. Otherwise, the headband will fold. No rhinestones are necessary behind the ears - this makes the headband more comfortable while running. I filled the areas where the rhinestones end with extra thread to complete the look.

While I was at the craft store today, my eyes cached this same coral colored feathers and of course, I bought them right away! This calls for a Round 2 on my sparkling rhinestone tutorial which I will be working on later this week. 
Feathers and sparkles... how perfect is that?

Looking forward to see you next week after my run to share some more photos with you...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Sale on Personalized Jewelry & Accessories

Easter week officially started along with the one time Easter Sale at A Cup of Sparkle Etsy shop. It is a great time to buy something to stuff kid's Easter baskets or as Mother's Day gift. Get 15% OFF and other great discounts on all handmade personalized key chains and gemstone jewelry by A Cup of Sparkle during this week. The sale ends on Easter Sunday which is April 8th this year.

Easter Sale on Jewelry & Accessories by ACupofSparkle
You can click here to see more of the jewelry and accessories on sale.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or custom projects you need help with.
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