Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Shorts Making Tutorial: Round #1

Like all of us, I had a pair of jeans that needed to be retired. To repurpose my jeans, I made them to shorts and customize them with some jewels. Here is the easy 6 step tutorial on how to make shorts from jeans. I am thinking I need a Round-2 on these shorts so; stay tuned!

Materials: Scissors, old jeans you are tired of wearing, sew-on jewels or buttons, matching thread, needle

Step 1: Lay down the jeans on a flat surface and  cut your jeans to a desirable length - make sure to cut it 2" or so longer, if you are going to cuff them.

Step 2: Decide where you want to sew your buttons or gemstones and sew them on.
I hand-sew them on around the pockets.

Step 3: Sew the other side symmetrically with your preferred material.

Step 4 and 5: Fold the bottom of legs inwards in two layers.

Step 6: Put more sewable jewels on the back.
I had two remaining sew on jewels and I decided to use the couple only in one of the pockets.

Step 7: Try them on and enjoy the sunny days wearing your unique pair of shorts with a personalized touch of sparkle!


  1. Very nice. I have a pair I need to make into shorts. Unfortunally the hole they have is way high, so they will be very short. I doubt they will make it out in public, ever. May make some nice new pajama pants.

  2. Those turned out darling. Your post is up on my blog. Have a super day. winks-jen

  3. They look so cute! Did you ever think those jeans could look like that?


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