Friday, September 6, 2013

Personalized Mother/Grandmother Necklace

I would like to share my recent personalized jewelry order with you. I created this personalized necklace as a birthday gift for a mother/grandmother with 2 kids and 3 grandchildren. Isn't it adorable? 
Per my customers request, I combined large and small size eggs in ivory and white colored freshwater pearls. The gold nest is embellished with a hummingbird charm hanging on top Since it is a birthday gift, I packaged it in a heart shaped gift box to send a little more love inside the envelope...

To inquire about or set up a custom order please email

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Family Keychains with Hummingbirds

Labor day marks the change in seasons. Yet, I do think there are more summery days ahead of us, earlier sunsets suggest that autumn is on its way. And then, comes the winter. For some of you, it might be too far ahead but, for early planners it is never too early. I just finished making these personalized family keychains for a customer as Christmas gifts. 

These hummingbird keychains are customized with the number of children of each family member; grandchildren, sons and daughters. Pink for girls and blue for boys... I customized 5 different keychains for the family using heart shaped key rings.

I packaged all of the keychains in A Cup of Sparkle handmade green and red Christmas jewelry bags as well. It will be perfect for the season and ready to be presented. I hope that these keychains will make all the moms happy....
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