Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Party Ideas: Red and White

Last week, I mentioned that I was going to host a Turkish theme party in my backyard. Here are some of the red and white party food and decorations I prepared.

Turkish flag cupcake toppers are made of red velvet textured paper glued on toothpicks. I made the flags double-sided. Cutting the tiny moon and stars took a bit of time; but, I really liked how they came out.
The coconut covered carrot bon bons were a bit hit.
Aren't they cute?

I also printed turkish flags and made a banner that my husband hung on the plum tree in front of our house. The paty menu consisted of selection of traditional Turkish cuisine; lentil koftes, kebabs, Meditterean salads.. The main dessert was my strawberry-banana vanilla cake. The fresh, seasonal strawberries really helped the theme. Most of all, Seattle had a great sunny day for our BBQ party.  I really enjoy eating outdoors.
I hope my red and white party ideas will give you some inspiration in your upcoming parties or gatherings.
Happy Tuesday to all of you!!!

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