Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Twin Mom Personalized Gift Ideas

Gift ideas for Mom, Custom Mom Keychain
I have customized this twin mom keychains for a customer recently. I have a twin sister so; it was extra special for me to make these two mom keychains. The blue egg is for a boy and the pink egg is for a girl. A mama dove bird is attached on the nest representing the motherhood. This keychains will make great, unique gifts if you are wondering about what to buy for mom.You can find these keychains from my Etsy shop as well as all sorts of different colored nests.
As always, feel free to write to me for custom orders.


  1. These are a great idea and would make a perfect gift for a new mother!

  2. lovely and unique glass gifts ideas are given here..and this twin mom personalized gift is simply great. thanks for this.

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  4. Fantastic Post!Lot of information is helpful in some or the other way.Keep updating personalized keychain


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