Monday, August 8, 2011

Let's Hula Hawaii!... Hula Girl Napkin Fold Tutorial

Ready to the bring the fun, enjoyment and sun of the tropical Hawaiin Islands
to your table?

Hula girl napkin folding is simple and really fun to make. All you need is two sets of napkins.. Large flower motifs works best for the shirts and a colorful napkin for the skirt; a green will be my first choice - (I only had white at home unfortunately...)

I am back from my camping trip out in the woods and started dreaming about a new trip: To Hawaii! I am not sure if I will be able to go soon but; I decided to create my own tropical paradise in Seattle at my house with this Hawaiian dancing girl napkins.

I got lots of good feedback from you on Lily Flower napkin folding tutorial and wanted to share another one. I came up with this shirt and a hula skirt napkin combination. Exotic hawaiin dance featuring beautiful flowers and  graceful movements. A dance party, a theme party, a summerpool party, or just for fun.. this napkin fold is so much fun and easy to make for any occasion. Let me know if you decide to try it or if you have any questions...

Step 1: Start with a square napkin and open it to a large square.

Step 2: Fold the four corners into the center.

Step 3: Next fold the top edge and the bottom edge into the center.

Step 4: Turn the right edge underneath. This will form the hem of your shirt...

Step 5: Fold the bottom right and the top right corners into the center line to meet about the margin's width from the right center.

Step 6: Fold the opposite two corners on the left. While doing this, push your hands firmly on the completed folds.  

Step 7: Gently lift up the left edge and fold it over and tuck it under the points of the collar.

Step 8: Aloha Hawaii! Your hula shirt is ready to be worn...
You can put a skirt by simply folding an accordion from a new napkin.

TIP: Decorate your table with flowers and you can serve tropical fruits and coconut juice to add extra flavor your Hawaiian theme.


  1. Hi Melike,

    that is adorable! I love your choice of napkin too! The folding technique doesn't look too diffult either. Great job!!

  2. How cool! These would be great for parties!

  3. Thanks for sharing another cute napkin folding idea. I was thinking about going on the napkin hunt but I'll bet I can make some with that ton of fabric I have.

    Very cute!

  4. These are so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a fun idea! This would be great for a party! Thanks for linking up! ~Jen @


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