Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Moms of Multiples

Here is my latest custom order for a mom-to-be of twins. My customer does not know the gender of the babies; so, she picked white pearls for her mama bird nest keychain. This cute dove bird nest is flying to its new home in Texas tomorrow!
Mom-to-be handmade keychain from A Cup of Sparkle
Cute gifts for twins, triplets or quads moms are available at A Cup of Sparkle handmade jewelry. You can customize your keychains, necklaces or earrings with any color and number of pearls or gemstones. These gift ideas for moms of multiples are very unique and handmade with love.
As always, please contact me for any special requests.


  1. That's a beautiful necklace! So soft and pretty...what a great way to celebrate multiples!

  2. Pearls are a great idea when they don't know the gender (or even if they do!) :)
    And the little birdie completes is nicely :)

  3. Gorgeous. What a lovely way to celebrate the babies' birth.

  4. That's so sweet, I like the bird charm on top

  5. Pretty! I love nest jewelry, and this is precious. Custom orders can be wonderful opportunities, can't they?

  6. this is so cute! your stuff is really great :)
    xo dana

  7. Wow ... what an awesome custom order you made. Even more special is how much it will mean to this new mom :)

    Love your work!

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  8. This is great, twins are coming to my family in Jan. This is a great Christmas gift idea for The Mom!


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