Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jersey Lace Scarf Tutorial

I have been busy hand sewing lately for my fall wardrope; something cozy chic! I purchased matching gray and yellow jersey knit and lace for my hanmade scarf project. I don't have a sewing machine so; I planned everything as simple as it can be.

Jersey and Lace Scarf Tutorial by A Cup of Sparkle
Jersey scarves has been so popular and my inspiration was a lace jersey scarf I saw on Pinterest. Initially, I thought I would do exactly the same pattern but; then, I couldn't find any good quality lace in the fabric store. In the end, I created my own versatile infinity scarf design in beautiful gray and yellow colors.

Here is my simple schematic step-by-step tutorial I prepared for you. I hope you liked it and it will bring you inspiration to do something crafty. 

Let me know if you decide to try it. I would love to know how your scarf turned out :)

Step #1: Cut your jersey fabric in rectangles. I used the entire piece I purchased for the gray fabric.
You can also repurpose an old T-shirt instead of buying new fabric.

Materials Needed
Step #2: Cut the gray fabric again into two pieces; a short and a long piece.

Step #3: Sew the yellow fabric on top of the smaller dark fabric piece.
You can skip this step, if you like. The yellow fabric I used was thinner and transparent like lace. I did this step to create a dark silhouette behind the branch and flower motifs and also to have a homogenous feel throughout the scarf in terms of thickness.

Step #4: Now, it is time to bring those two pieces together.
I did hand sewing but; I am sure sewing machine will work better.

Step #5: This is an infinity scarf shaped like a big circle so; in this step, you will close the circle by sewing the right and left ends together.

Step #6: This step is also optional. I added a short lace peace where I combined the yellow and gray fabric together. My motivation was to hide my bad hand sewing :) but, I also like the jersey and lace together.

Step #7: Ta-Da...  your handmade, original scarf is ready to accessorize your fall outfits!


  1. fun piece! If only I were a sewer...

  2. I love that it can be hand sewn. My sewing machine hates :)

  3. Very cute, I'll have to try something similar

  4. this scarf is so cute! and great instructions too!

  5. What a pretty idea - thanks for sharing it! :)

  6. I am just learning to sew, and maybe I just don't understand the niceties of this, but why cut off the small piece of grey, why not just sew the yellow piece onto the end of the whole 5.5 ft long piece?

  7. She said the yellow piece was transparent so she sewed the gray behind the yellow because of this.

  8. Thank you Mandajake :) Yes, the yellow piece was very thin and transparent so; I did two layers for that fabric. I think having the same thickness of fabric in the whole scarf makes it look better when you put it on. Otherwise, it wrinkles in unwanted areas.

  9. Scarf is the ideal choice in the winter, and can keep you warm in cold weather. It is easy to knit scarves, you have to make one for yourself and one for a gift. This polar fleece scarf is a super simple project that can not sew a stitch. You do not need to pre-wash your fabric, or even to complete the edge - just measure and cut.

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  10. hi! i was wondering what kind of fabric the yellow fabric is? i can't seem to find anything that is only slightly sheer and it would help if i knew what kind of fabric it was!

  11. The yellow fabric is very thin cotton. The areas that has designs on them are even thinner so; it is kind of transparent. I am sorry that I won't be able to give any info on the supplier because I just picked it up from the sale section of the Joann's Fabric in Ballard, Seattle. It was the end of a fabric spool.

  12. Love it! Am going to have a go this week. Thanks so much for posting the tutorial - i have had the exact image pinned for awhile working up the courage to make my own version - now you have guided me! Thanks!!

  13. just featured this on my blog-- with other wonderful scarf tutorials! thanks for sharing it.


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