Thursday, March 31, 2011

Movie Inspired Handmade Jewelry

Hollywood stars wear some amazing jewelry in movies; usually lots of sparkles. When I mean sparkles, I mean "Diamonds". As a jewelry designer,  I always pay extra attention to jewelry worn in the movies I watch. It is hard not to....
   My all time favorite is the heart of the ocean necklace by Kate Winslet in Titanic. 
The other one is the ruby and diamond necklace set Richard Gere has given to Julia Roberts in the Pretty Women movie. Not only the beauty of this pieces, but also the romantic, memorable scenes in these movies makes those two my favorite celebrity movie jewelry.

Do you have any favorite jewelry worn by some of your top movie stars 
in some top films?

     Recently I watched two movies that has given me inspiration. I will start with Eat, Pray and Love or I should say: Eat, Pray and Accessorize. I absolutely fell in love with the beaded jewelry Julia Roberts worn in this movie.  Have you seen the movie? What do you think? I came up with this carnelian necklace that I recently posted on my Etsy jewelry shop. I relate this necklace to the theme of a women's journey for self-fulfillment and happiness.
As I name it, it is pretty jewelry for pretty women.

The next movie that inspired me is Black Swan. Natalie Portman looks glamorous with beautiful Swan costumes and sophisticated make-up. While my jewelry designs is not the actual jewelry worn in Black Swan, it's has got the fragility, femininity, poverty and grace you will see in the ballerina characters captured in Black Swan.


  1. cool!

    ~ Erin McKenzie: The Littlest Bookshop~

  2. My fave is definitely the heart of the ocean as well! <3 Great post! :D

    x Christine @ Fash n Chips

  3. I had forgotten about the Pretty Woman necklace. Did you know that when he shuts the box on her hand and she laughed it was not in the script. He actually just did that to be silly and everyone loved it so much it made the cut.

  4. Sarah, I didn't know that. That is pretty cool.. I absolutely love that movie :)


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