Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Boshphorus : Between Asia and Europe

Bosphorus (Bogazici or Istanbul Boagzi) is a 32km (20 miles) long strait that separates the two continents Asia and Europe. It joins the Sea of Marmara with Black Sea in Istanbul, Turkiye.Turkish word for Bosphorus is the same as the word for throat in English which always reminds me of fresh air and free flowing waters.

Istanbul draws its strength from Bosphorus. The shores are dotted with yalis, or classic waterfront mansions, built as early as the 18th century: yellow, pink, and blue wooden palaces perched along the waterfront. This wooden houses have been a symbol of wealth, power and status with its spectacular location and architecture.
A view from Bosphorus

Bosphorus shores offer a delightful mixture of past and present. My trips to Istanbul has always been one of my great travel experiences.  
Have any of you been in Istanbul or want to go to Istanbul?

Jade Necklace

 I named this authentic necklace 'Bosphorus'. The inspiration for this piece comes from contemporary and historic art which is also why I picked the ornamental stone Jade. Carved green jade flowers with pastel orange beads are center pieced with a detailed sterling silver pendant. The green jade flowers represents the natural beauty around the Bosphorus and the silver pendant represents the bridges connecting Asia and Europe that I am happy to share its inspiration story with you.


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  2. I have always wanted to go to Istanbul. I've just gotten out of school so now I have the time and money to travel.

  3. Love Istanbul. It's home to me, and my trips are always filled with new adventures to see places and enjoy the lifestyle this thriving metropolis offers. Scratch that, there are no words describing how awesome this city is!!! :)

  4. A. Alexandra, I am glad you will go to Istanbul. It is a great city. I am happy to help if you will have any questions.

    Thanks Selma and Christina.

  5. Gorgeous necklace and YES I want to go to Istanbul! We are spending a day there as part of a bigger trip later this year and I am so excited!


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