Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Collection: Cinnamon Plumeria Flower Necklace Inspiration Story

 What color is actually cinnamon?

 It is not red, not brown not orange- maybe more a reddish brown or an orangey brown. Something in between... sophisticated, rich and spicy. Pretty! A spice from the dried aromatic bark of the cinnamon tree has long history both as a spice and as a medicine. Cinnamon's popularity continued throughout history.
Diane Von Furstenberg 2011 Spring Collection
     From my kitchen to my wardrobe, I like the diversity of colors in cinnamon most. Colorful season is coming soon with the weather warming up. Many of the fashion designers featured cinnamon this spring paired with Azure, purple, tangerine, greens and scarlet. According to the experts, cinnamon will look best on warm skin tones.

Cinnamon Plumeria Flower Necklace by ACupofSparkle

Spring 2011 Fashion trends was the inspiration to A Cup of Sparkle Cinnamon Plumeria Flower Necklace. This one of a kind necklace features a gold plated plumeria flower dangling delicately from a silk cinnamon color ribbon. Very rich pistachio colored freshwater pearl adds more warmth and beauty to this piece that will spice up your wardrobe! This necklace is a combination of fashion and colors of nature that I am happy to share its inspiration story with you.

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  1. Very pretty! I like that you shared the inspiration for the piece, too. :) That's always cool to see. I think it's true, subdued, natural colors for the spring. Definitely. Cinnamon is one of them and it's such a pretty color. I'll be looking forward to seeing more of peoples' jewelry designs incorporating it in the coming months because it's one of my favorites.


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