Sunday, April 10, 2011

Earthy Tones: Brown

What color tones would you say that expresses your individual style best?
I found brown very earthy that is easy to match things with; grounding well with oranges, reds, beige and bold blues. When combined with different shades, they create a earthy, classic and elegant look. One of the first browns that comes up in my mind are:
  • Coffee
  • Skin
  • Chocolate 
  • Soil
  • Fresh bread
  • Potato
  • Caramel
  • Autumn

Do you have any favorite browns in nature?
   I have recently added the brown crystal circle earrings and necklace to my Etsy jewelry shop. I accented dark browns with light brown keeping the casual and contemporary style in sterling silver.  The wire-wrapped tiny Swarovski crystals looks so stylish that works great for a day or an evening time. You can also find this circle designs in blue, opal, black and green colors at A Cup of Sparkle.
Brown Crystal Wire-wrapped Necklace
Brown Crystal Wire-wrapped Earrings


  1. Such a lovely post!!!My favourite is green!

  2. wow, love that necklace so much :)

  3. pretty!

  4. I love the earth tones which so much bring me back to nature.They also suit my dark skin the pieces of creation displayed here.Gold Charm


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