Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bee Happy.

Let me introduce you to Queen Bee. She is very cute and extremely hard-working. I wanted to host her today in my blog to spread a little joy... Queen Bee is the one that lead the beehive and the also the sole survivor in the hive when the winter arrives. I love how organized they make their hives and produce the sweetest thing ever: Honey... It is absolutely incredible!
Handmade Bee Key chain by A Cup of Sparkle, BEE HAPPY!
This key ring design features two honey colored glass beads and a cute Queen Bee. I also combined brass and silver metals. A sweet key chain for those of you who loves bees and honey... If you would like to have this keyring made to a necklace, make sure to give me a buzz...
Have a great, happy November! 

PS: I am working on a handmade gift for my husband's birthday today. I hope you can come back and visit again to see my finished present for my sweetheart.


  1. The details make anything more special. Love that bee. :D

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