Monday, November 14, 2011

Tiny post earrings for holidays

Pyrite handmade post earrings, gift ideas for Christmas

Tiny post earrings is great for those who favor small, elegant earrings. Small studs can be worn every day to almost every occasion. Lately, I have added new colors and gems to birds nest collection for holidays. Lots of sparkles, green and reds perfect for holidays... These will make great handmade gifts for Christmas that is also perfect if you are on a low budget.


Birds nest shaped silver earrings are made with silver wire hand woven into a ball shape and has 3 cute gemstones. Posts secure the earrings comfortably in place. You can personalize your nest in any color you like with precious stones like garnet, pyrite, pearls, turquoise and jasper. Petite and stylish, the perfect companion to any outfit. You can wear these earrings as a pair or individually, if you have more than one piercing.

Matching necklaces of this nest earrings are also available in my shop. Please indicate the colors of your choice with your purchase and feel free to contact me for any request for matching custom necklaces.

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