Sunday, November 6, 2011

Homemade Coupon Book using Paint Chip

I had a bunch of paint chips I grabbed from a paint store last year back I was painting my house. I wanted to make something special for my husband's birthday and I found the perfect handmade gift for him using my free colorful paint chips.

Handmade gifts, Mini Coupon Book

I got this coupon book idea from the web while searching for handmade gift ideas for men and made a new A Cup of Sparkle version of it...  I wanted to thank to all bloggers and crafters out there for this great gift idea!!!!

I used long strip paint chips that already had perforations on them to tear out the coupons; exactly like what I wanted. I cut the chips ~1/2 inches above the perforations to create enough space to punch holes. I embellished the front cover page using 3 different colored chips and some scrapbook material I had at home.

I made 8 pages that I personalized for my hubby including one blank one that can be redeemed for anything... I used different colors for each page to make it colorful and fun. The paint chips were too thick to print on using my printer so, used my label maker for some of the phrases ... I trimmed the corners with a paper trimmer.
To finish, I added a piece of orange ribbon and tied a tiny bow. I kept it loose to make room to turn the pages.

Coupon book - dimensions: 2"x3.5"
It is a great gift for anyone; mom, dad, significant other, friend, co-worker, ... that will make them feel very special and happy.  This mini coupon book will also make perfect Christmas or Thanksgiving gifts especially if you are low on budget. The cost of this project was $0.00 and the impact was priceless.
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  1. This is AWESOME! What a creative use of paint chips! I love this! :)

  2. Wow! what a fabulous idea. You are SO creative.

  3. What a great idea! I may have to try this sometime.

  4. What a clever idea. We have hundreds of paint chips... finally a way to "regift" them.

    Khaki Pant Painter

  5. What a great idea. Good way to recycle those paint chips.
    Everyday Inspired


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