Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What happens when science enters into A Cup of Sparkle crafts laboratory?

     Spending most of my time in a biology laboratory at work, it was almost impossible to carry my daytime job to my A Cup of Sparkle Crafts Laboratory. Most of my family and friends have sceince related jobs- including myself and my husband.
I was actually recently on the cover of the Spring 2011 Algae Tecnonology & Business Magazine; which I was quite excited about... (the cover picture is on the right and you can read the article from the magazine)
Even if you are not working in a lab, you are probably familiar with the universal hazard signs. Why not put these signs under a cup instead of hanging them in a lab? So; here it is!

Set of 4 science inspired coasters
by A Cup of Sparkle
  Each of this set of 4 coasters in the picture above are some of the most frequently used signs in my laborotory: Radioactive, Biohazard, Flammable and Lab Coats Notice.  The colors are also the original colors these signs comes in.
Aren't those unique and fun? 

This beautiful coaters will be also great for a science themed party organization... or an awesome handmade gift that you can make for a science geek.
I hope this work and art fusion pictures will give you some inspiration. We already had some guests over to enjoy A Cup of Sparkle Tea of the coasters.
No, no.. our guests were not scared of the hazards- it might be only because they were also scientists :)
 **All the credit goes to my husband for this great crafts project.**


  1. that's really cool... both the coasters and your celebrity status...:)...congrats ! xo


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