Sunday, May 15, 2011

Handmade Modern Succulent Planter Tutorial

Succulents are really the perfect plants to have; especially in an office environment. They are very charming and very low maintenance. Succulent plants only need water every three to 10 weeks, depending on the temperature and lighting.

I wanted to make something special for my husband's new office this weekend. I decided to try making a planter after reading the blog post from Craftberry Bush featuring her homemade tiered terrarium. Initially I was going to make it a tiered planter more similar to hers; but, I ended up with something different with the sizes of ceramic bowls I could able to find after visiting 4 stores around my neighborhood.

    I picked a deep, round white baking bowl from the kitchen department and a toothbrush holder from the bathroom department for this project. I glued the toothbrush holder; which is tall and deep in the middle of the round bow with epoxy glue.

I added a layer of gravel, sand, and wet cactus soil in order. I didn't spend much time to think about the design; I just went to my garden and picked out some of the succulents I already had, pulled out some moss - which is easy to find in rainy Seattle and found some rocks; then, did some trial and error by placing the plants randomly on the bowl. I just kept stuffing moss, rocks, plants until it looked pretty.

My first version didn't have the tall plant at the top of the bowl. I thought I needed something taller to advance the look; so, I picked this red sensation-dracaena from a store.

I am really happy with the outcome and my husband really liked it. It was a fun weekend projectHappy Gardening season to all of you!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!


  1. I'm passing the versatile blogger award to you! You can claim it at



  2. Hi Mel....the planter turned out amazing....I love that you made it your own...thank so much for letting me know that you made it so I could come and check it out....keep in touch...xo

  3. Looks beautiful! Great job.

  4. Thanks a bunch Jacquie! The other day, my husband sent a picture of the planter from his office and told me that it grew!
    Both of us were really excited :)))

  5. oh this is great! that's totally what i'm working on outside as well, i love those types of plants!! i have so many inside! succulents are my go to plant too! everyone should have some!!


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