Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Best of the week: Etsy Finds by A Cup of Sparkle

What happens when one cooks art in the kitchen? It may sound kind of weird, but; it can be done!

MerciaMiniatures's beautiful hand-sculpted creations are the perfect examples. Her miniature art is absolutely fantastic and looks better than anything I have ever eaten. What do you think?
Congratulations MerciaMiniatures! You are the best of the week Etsy finds by A Cup of Sparkle. It was a hard decision, but; I think I finally picked my favorite desert: Cappuccino chocolate cup cake. 
Bon Appetite!
Polymer Clay Miniature art by MerciaMiniatures


  1. Wow, very talented, love the intricate details, so well done:)

  2. Oh. Yum. All that detail is incredible!

  3. may i know how you do that cup ?


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