Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blue Flower Bouquet Inspiration Story

Puya Alpestris at
Berkeley Botanical Garden 
Blue Flower Bouquet Necklace
by ACupofSparkle

I used to think that if I see a blue flower in a bouquet in a flower shop, that must be not natural. Purple flowers are pretty common such as lilacs, hydrangea, lavender, iris, ... but; 'true blue' is very rare to find. One of my visits to Berkeley Botanical Garden in California, I have seen the most unusual, beautiful blue plant. I captured this photo with my camera. This plant is called Puya alpestris, also known as sapphire tower. It's hard to resist touching the aquamarine blue petals to make sure that they are not plastic. The colors are so irresistible and vibrant.
    This amazing flower is simply the inspiration to A Cup of Sparkle blue flower bouquet necklace. The flower cluster is composed of blue bell flower beads and natural Mookaite gemstones in yellow, orange and red colors hanging on a long bronze chain.

What do you think about blue flowers? Do you like them? 
Are there any others that you know of?


  1. How amazing! I've seen blue flowers in botanical gardens before. They are beyond beautiful but at the same just look weird to me. I rather stick with purple flowers. ;)

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