Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Best of the week: Etsy Finds by A Cup of Sparkle

Loopy Goth Art Doll Penny by Loopyboopy
Loopy Goth Art Doll Penny

     This week's best of the week piece is Loopy Goth Art Doll Penny by loopyboopy. I found loopyboopy dollies from one of the treasuries.  It was striking to me to see how much a doll can express with some plastic eyes and fake body. I am used to pretty dolls like Barbies with perfectly cut dresses, shiny shoes and well combed hair; but, loopyboopy has this unusual look to her dolls that is not only unique but also very personal. I feel like I feel the sadness Doll Penny has in her eyes.
Do you?
Great job Colleen! Congratulations...


  1. Thanks so much Sparkle, honored to be on you lovely blog!

  2. I love unusual dolls, so this is awesome!

    Stopping by from EtsyRain to say hi, check out the feature & follow :)

  3. Wow! I love her expressive face!


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