Saturday, January 29, 2011

Turkish Towels: Gotta be crafty! Softness is not enough...

Turkish towels are famous all around the world with its good quality, high-absorbent and organic cotton material that does not wear/tear with many many washes in addition to its softness. Don't be surprised to see a 'Made in Turkey' tag even if you are shopping for towels from designer brands such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Neiman Marcus, etc... Most of the good well-known brands carry Turkish towels.

For turkish people, there is an another feature that will not make a towel Turkish towel: the handmade authentic designs on two ends. Turkish people adapted this crafty, fancy feature from Ottomans. The designs are done in a variety of embroidery techniques. Needlework, ribbon work, lace work, hand stitching and crochet are some examples. The color palette on the towels is usually extremely rich matching with its designs and figures.
I wanted to share some of my towels with you that is mostly handmade by my mom. 
So, what do you think A Cup of Sparkle readers? Do you like them?

Hand Stitched Foot Towel from Kayseri, Turkey

Hand Stitched Hand Towel from Denizli, Turkey

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  1. I love decorated towels and never take the time to do it myself. I have a favorite vintage towel with wide a crochet border that I really treasure.

    THe towels in your photos are beautiful!


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