Monday, February 21, 2011

New Design: Cat's Eye Silver Accented Green Mediterranean Necklace Inspiration Story

For thousands of years, olives and olive oil has been a staple for Mediterranean coastal area with a unique flavor and numerous health benefits one of which is being a beauty product. Turkey is one of those countries where olive oil is processed locally; it is the 5th largest producer of oil in the world. With that, it is integrated to its culture in many ways. One of the traditional sports in Turkey is oil wrestling where the wrestlers cover themselves with olive oil before wrestling. There is even special category in Turkish cuisine for dishes 'made with olive oil'. Olives are one of the must haves in Turkish breakfasts.

Being Turkish, that is where the inspiration to A Cup of Sparkle Cat's Eye necklace and earrings come from: Mediterranean Olives. Organic and natural... This beautiful faceted green gems are accented with silver cylinders that has leave designs on them. The ear wires are one of a kind pair that matches the same leave designs. This set is a combination of history and art that I am happy to share its inspiration story with you.

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