Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Instructions on how to make professional looking business cards and spend less?

Creating your custom business cards might be easier than what you are thinking of. I created cards for my Etsy shop recently to help the advertisement of my shop. I summarized the instructions below. I hope it will help.
1- Buy printable business card templates from an office store such as OfficeMax or Staples.

Once you look online or go to a store, you will realize that you have so many options. 
1- Your background color options are ivory and white.
2- You can get cards for laser or inkjet printers. This is quite important because the papers can melt in the printer if you use the wrong printer.
3- One sided or two sided templates are available. It depends on what you want.
4- Matte or Glossy cards are available. This also depends on what you like.
5- They all come in standard size (2" x 3 1/2") in 100  or 200 cards/pack. I would go with the higher quantity.

As you can understand from my shop title, I like glimmery things. Therefore, I picked a glossy finish and a white background. If I will buy card templates again, I will pick the same card for laser printers while most copy stores carry laser printers.

2- Go to Web and search 'business card design' on Google. This is the time to brainstorm about your business card. Grab a piece of paper and a pen, sketch your ideas. Be creative!

Microsoft office offeres many templates for business cards that you can reach from the link below. I found them useful while brainstorming. http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/templates/CT010104309.aspx

3- Once you decide on your picture and wording, find a template for the business card you purchased online. There are two easy ways for this.

 a- Go directly to vendor's webpage. I had Avery labels . You can find Avery templates from this webpage:
 b- If you have Microsoft Word on your computer, follow the instructions below: ( I have 2007 version)
Mailings ---> Labels ---> Options ---> Scroll down the label vendor list to find the correct vendor ---> Select the correct product number which you will find on the label envelope.  ---> Hit Okey ---> Now, you should see the exact template on your screen with the printable business cards you purchased. The border lines you see on the screen will not be visible when you print. They are only to outline.

There are many advantages to use the word, in my opinion. You can find almost any label vendor and the product number in their system. You can also use basic shapes, lines, arrows to draw. I have used Avery, product number: 8879 using Word as my template. You can find the correct product number on your business card .

4- Now, you can copy and paste your pictures and write the wording you picked on your word document template. Then, copy that box and paste to all the rest of the boxes.

For A Cup of Sparkle business cards, I have used my banner which is the same in my Etsy shop and my blog. I didn't want to write my real name; but, if you like, you can have it on there. I also included two links; one for my Etsy shop and one for my blog. as well as my e-mail address.

5- Make sure to save the word document on your computer. Print at home or save it on a flashdrive to print at a copy store.

My banner was quite rich in colors. Therefore, I printed my cards in a copy store. FedEx offices offers printing. However, they only have laser printers.
If you are printing at home, make sure to load the paper from the correct direction. You should definetely give it a try first and print the rest after a succesful trial. One other thing to pay attention is to let the papers cool and dry before you do antying with your prints. Lay each paper individually.

6- Once your cards are dry (max. 10 min after printing),  you can snap them apart following the vendor's instructions.

7- Now, it is time to distribute your card as much as possible. 

Good Luck Advertising!!!


  1. I got my cards printed when I was still in college so I got 500 for 5 dollars in full color.

    I'll have to print more sooner or later so I might just have to try this :)
    And hope you get that scarf done!

  2. wow Pattie. That is an awesome price. I am not how much the cards cost nowadays. Not only the cost; but also, having home-made cards for home-made jewelry is truly so much fun. Let me know if you will have any questions, if you decide to make cards again.
    Thank you Pattie!!!

  3. I love printing my own business cards, although I have switched to an actual printshop due to quality issues I had with my inkjet printer.

    These are good, clear instructions. Thanks for sharing.


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