Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Alternative Baby Mobile Hanger DIY

Nursery preparation is one of the most fun things during pregnancy . It can be a little stressful if you are constrained with time but, if you happen to have the time and the energy, it can be really enjoyable. I had a relatively easy pregnancy with almost no vomiting, little sleep issues and moderate feet swelling. So, I got to do some handmade projects for my daughter's nursery including a dresser change over, putting a wall paper, and a making a mobile hanger. When I think about those days now, I recognize that all my creative juices were flowing with the pregnancy hormones. It is funny how the women body works...

When I first started looking at the baby mobiles, I was overwhelmed like all the other baby products, there is a ton to choose from. While shopping at a mall, I finally found a beautiful musical sheep mobile at Pottery Barn baby store on the sale section that I absolutely loved and bought. I then needed something to hang the mobile from. I  searched online and found mobile hangers that attaches to the crib. I thought that these were not safe and the colors were also not a good match for my daughter's gray colored crib. They usually come in white or brown. So, I came up with an alternative colorful solution to this by hanging the mobile from the ceiling. I bought some pastel felt balls to match the wall paper and crib colors from  Craftywoolfelt on Etsy. This store has lots of color options to choose from. I used the string that came with my order and a transparent fishing line to line the felt balls to make it sturdy enough to carry the weight of the mobile. I spaced the balls half an inch apart from each other .

You can even make these felt balls yourself which I have done before for a necklace (tutorial is here). However, I decided to buy this time to save money and time.

I used a metal hook to hang it from the ceiling and tied the string to a strong knot. The one suggestion I have for you is to keep the height not too long. When my daughter started to stand up to pull, I had to adjust the length so she wasn't able to pull it. This crib mobile turned out to be one of the favorites of my daughter while she was little and she loved watching the sheep turn and play for a long time before she fell asleep.


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