Thursday, September 8, 2011

How to wear a brooch? Ways number 1 to 3.

Pin it! It is absolutely one of the biggest fashion trends this season. Brooches and pins are the most versatile and powerful jewelry accessories since ancient times.  They can transform your look into classy, sophisticated, modern, businessy, girly or high fashion. If you have not done yet, it is time to reinvent the brooches for a traditional or a non-traditional look! You will be amazed at the difference one piece can make.

Bird nest handmade brooches inspired by nature by A Cup of Sparkle
Bird nest brooch pins were one of the first collections from A Cup of Sparkle. I wanted to give you some small tips on how to wear them. Here is the first three tips to style your brooches and more tips will come in my future posts.

1- When the temperatures drop and you want to cover your neck with a scarf, try pinning a fun brooch pin on your scarf. It will enhance your cold weather accessories highly and bring a wave of warm spirit to you and others around you!

Robin blue eggs bird nest jewelry 
2-  Pin it on your clothes! Cardigans, sweaters, jackets are my favorite clothing to attach a brooch. Placement is everything since the brooch will draw attention to where you put it. Experiment styling your pins on different areas and look at the mirror. Be creative!

3- Hats... summer hats or winter hats! My favorite of all... You can catch a very sweet, girly yet, sophisticated look with a simple brooch pin on the side of your hats. I have been wearing my red pearl bird nest on my summer hat this summer and had compliments every time I wore it. Simple and a non-traditional way of styling with pearls!

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  1. These are so cute! I better save my pennies :-)



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