Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sparkling Rhinestone Headband Tutorial: Round 1

Sparkling when you are exercising... hmmm, those two words/activities don't usually come together for most of the people out there except for some us who are just born with glitter in their veins

I made this sparkling rhinestone head piece for my upcoming 10K run this weekend in Portland. (Bridge to Brews on April 15th). I used my favorite no slip Nike Headband that I wear every time I go running. I could have used a ribbon for the headband but; this one I own has a silicone band glued to it which makes it great for exercising!

Rhinestone Headband for Runners
Materials: Rhinestones, cotton embroidery thread, needle, scissors and a headband

Instructions: I used two strands of rhinestones. You can use only a single strand or multiples. Simply sew the rhinestones on the headband. I sewed two times between the rhinestones to make the coral color stand out a bit. After sewing the rhinestones, I filled the two sides of the rhinestones by sewing more. If you decide to do this step, you will need to do both side to create a regular surface. Otherwise, the headband will fold. No rhinestones are necessary behind the ears - this makes the headband more comfortable while running. I filled the areas where the rhinestones end with extra thread to complete the look.

While I was at the craft store today, my eyes cached this same coral colored feathers and of course, I bought them right away! This calls for a Round 2 on my sparkling rhinestone tutorial which I will be working on later this week. 
Feathers and sparkles... how perfect is that?

Looking forward to see you next week after my run to share some more photos with you...

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