Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More about the colorful towns of Cinque Terre, Italy

If you are a travel savvy and especially a Pinterest user, you probably have seen this photo.
Am I right?

I did before my trip to Italy and Google'd the place right away; I told my husband that we have to go to this place. And, we visited there in January! I wanted to share my photos from the place and tell you more about it today.  

Let's start with some photos from my perspective...


Cinque Terre means Five Lands... From all the places I visited in Europe nowhere else has the lure of Mediterranean as Cinque Terre. Below is a map of the place to give you a better understanding of the geography. The place is famous with its white wine, colorful stone houses sitting on rock cliffs and its worlwide known coastal hiking.

A photograph of the actual map in one of the towns in Cinque Terre
One of the major things that attracted me to the place was the fact that the cars are not allowed into the towns. The villages connect only with trails, paths, boats or a train. 

 Here is a photo of the train that runs between the towns. It is very convenient to go from the main town La Spezia - where we stayed in to the 5 villages with the train.
Train of Cinque Terre
And the hikes... Unfortunately due to the last year's weather storm, most of all the hikes were closed in the area while I visited Cinque Terre. Even the last village was entirely closed for everyone. So sad... The only trail we went on was called 'Via Dell' Amore' or 'Trail of Love'. You will know why love is associated with the name of this trail after being on it. It is absolutely fantastic - only if you are not afraid of heights! The metal sculpture below; a women and a men kissing is the symbol of the trail, surrounded with love locks visitors put on the metal barriers, rocks,dry bushes and cactus.

How romantic this sculpture is, looking over the blue waters?

 Finally, I wanted to share some of the other artsy things I have captured in Cinque Terre.

Art Stroll in Cinque Terre

I hope you enjoyed today's travel destination. I wanted to write so much more about the town but; the post got already too long. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the place. I am happy to pass you any information I have about this lovely place.

 Looking forward to see you next time in my next traveling post to Marseille, France!


  1. How beautiful! Adding it to my must visit places!

  2. fabulous post! What a fascinating place!
    I truly understand why you would want to write even more about this place. Perhaps you could do a part 2.


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