Monday, February 27, 2012

Go and wake up your luck.

St. Patrick's Day is approaching real fast... A great occasion to put some greens on whether you are Irish or not. Green is such a great color and there are so many natural gemstones in the shades of green. My favorites are turquoise and jade. Above are some of the green jewelry from my shop accented with silver. Four leaf clover pendants are definitely the symbol of this occasion that is meant to bring luck to those who wear them!
I hope you will enjoy my St. Patrick's Day collection and it will bring you luck!

Green St. Patrick's Day Jewelry
Do you have any plans for the St. Patrick's Day? I know that there is a big parade, an Irish festival and St. Patrick's Day Dash in Seattle on March 17th and March 18th. I am going to do the 4 miles run that day... I am still working on my outfit for the run. I will make sure to share if I end up making something special. Let me know, if you have any ideas...
Lots of love,

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