Friday, February 24, 2012

Easter Chicks: Fun cooking activity for kids and adults

Easter Cooking
I have a fun cooking tutorial today for you in preparation for Easter, made of potatoes. Are you ready to make the cutest chicks you ever seen? I have to warn you beforehand though. You will have hard time eating them afterwards :)

Here is what you need: Potato, pepper, salt, carrot, butter, lettuce

Step 1: Boil and then, mash potatoes - I didn't use milk to make it easy to roll later.
Add desired amount of salt, ground pepper and butter while meshing the potatoes

Step 2: Roll two different sizes of balls from mashed potatoes: one for the body and one for the head of the chicks. 

Step 3: Put the head on the body and shape the chicks with your hand -- this is where creativity kicks in! Just have fun using your fingers...

Step 4: Cut the carrots to make the mouth of the chics. You can have the mouth open and closed. It is a bit simpler to make it closed. Tomatoes also work well instead of carrots.

Step 5: Use ungrounded pepper for eyes or small pieces of black olives

Step 6: Now, it is time to decorate your serving plate. You can cut lettuce, or use any other green vegetables you have to make it look like grass. Place your chicks on top of the greens...

WA-LA is time to serve your meshed potatoes! It will make an awesome Easter dish that you can prepare with kids. It will also make a great appetizer for any lunch or dinner party.

Thanks for stopping by at the A Cup of Sparkle kitchen.. See you next time!


  1. That's got to be the cutest thing ever! I can see why they might be hard to eat, lol!
    I'd love for you to come in link this idea and any other goodies you have up to my *Get Creative* party this week
    Hope to see you there!


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