Monday, September 5, 2011

Acorn and Bird Nest Charm Bracelet

 Thank you all of you for your warm wishes for my family's visit. It is so nice to hear from you! Labor day weekend is almost over. It was so nice to have a long break before the end of the summer. I had lots of fun with my husband and Aslan. We stayed at a small cabin by a lake, gone fishing, camped in the front yard (instead of sleeping in the house :)), bbq, and so much more.. Did you all have good weekend?  I hope you all had an awesome, memorable one!
Personalized mom jewelry with acorn and bird nest charms by A Cup of Sparkle
I mentioned you earlier that I was working on a custom bracelet for a mom with two sweet daughters. I am ready to ship this cuteness tomorrow. I placed two charms to this piece; an acorn and a petite bird nest with the addition of the initials of the daughters. The acorn and the nest are the symbols of the birth months of the two girls.
We plan to even adding more charms to this bracelet in the future. I am also thinking about making a charm bracelet for myself now; with fall leaves, bird nest, acorn and maybe a singing bird.
Have a lovely week all of you! Looking forward to hear from you soon...

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