Friday, November 28, 2014

Thank You Card for Baby Shower DYI

Hello! I am back, after a long break to share a new handmade baby thank you card project with you. I apologize for not writing for such a long time my dear followers. My husband and I have recently welcomed a new member to our family, a sweet baby girl called Daphne Mina. She is almost two months old now. I have been enjoying my maternity leave while I watch her grow and get cuter every single day. I have lots and lots of new and original projects to share with you that is mostly mother oriented including Daphne's nursery. To begin with, here is the handmade thank you card I made for my baby shower. 

Thank you card for bay shower

The baby bump silhouette shaped card in pink tones is perfect for a baby girl shower but you can also modify with a blue background for a baby boy. I started with cutting the pregnant mom figure using a template I drew. You can use one large and one small circle sized objects to create a bump silhouette as shown in the picture above. Then, I cut pink rectangle shaped cardstock paper to fit into A4 size envelopes. I decorated the bump with a tiny crystal heart shaped sticker to symbolize the baby and red ribbon which I glued to the left side of the card. On the right top corner of the card, I used a "thanks so much" stamp to finish off this handmade baby shower card. I used a black ink.

I really believe that handmade cards makes saying thank you's so much more fun and special. I am glad I was able to send a special thank you note to all my friends who were able to shower with me. This handmade cards were also a great project to spend my time as I was anxiously waiting for the little one to born. Hope you like this idea and will use it in the future.

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