Sunday, November 3, 2013

Frida Kahlo Halloween Costume DIY

Frida Kahlo Outfit DIY
I had a fantastic Halloween this year and dressed up like the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. I based my fun homemade costume on one of her self portraits with her colorful flower crown. Here is what I wore:
1- Handmade flower crown with mixed artificial flowers. I used this tutorial.
2- Lots of statement jewelry in gold, turquoise, green and red coral
3- Red lipstick
4- Red nail polish
5- Red shawl
5- A traditional Mexican embroidered top I bought during my last visit to Mexico
6- A colorful fabric belt
7- A black ruffled skirt that I sew a short yellow pom pom at hem
8- Black eyeliner for drawing the uni-brow and lots of eye make-up
9- Heavy red blush for my cheeks
10- Black suede boots

For the hair, I made two simple braids and wrapped the braids high on my head, just like Frida does. The large flower crown covered most of the braids, which got the most attention of all the costume. I picked a short skirt for a dance party but, you might consider a full length skirt in order to resemble Frida. The costume was easy, inexpensive, and so much fun to make and wear. Cheers and happy (belated) Halloween to you all!


  1. Basarili! Bakalim gelecek yil hangi kostumu hazirlayacaksin.

  2. wow..thats an awesome costume!! You really did a good job finding all the items.

  3. You are wonderful! My 7 year old daughter is going to be Frida Kahlo for Halloween. And you just made my day. I am not really an expert at sewing so this really makes my life easier.

    Thank you so much


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