Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Cup of Sparkle in Mexico: Get inspired by color

Every artist needs inspiration and every artist finds inspiration in different things. I equate inspiration with travel and colors. To get ready for a new year,  I took some time off from my Etsy shop and traveled to Mexico for a week during my break. I guess it is the fact that how little sunshine I get in the rainy city Seattle I often times pick sunny destinations to travel.

Mexico is full of colors... Everywhere you go, there is a touch of bright color to the ordinary and old which makes almost everything look eccentric and cool. This is steps to someone's house in an Island called Isla Mujeres:

One of my favorites is the buildings that are painted in vibrant colors inside and outside: you will find random doors and walls painted in bright yellows, hot pinks, eggplant purples... like a rainbow! Frida Kahlo's paintings will seem more close to the reality while you are wandering around the streets in Mexico.

Black and white is quite hard to spot. And when you see one, it is very artsy. Check out this door that opens up to a cool Mexican bar in Puerto Moroles:

Paintings and drawings on walls are quite common in Mexico. This coffee shop is so welcoming and serves mostly to tourists in a small town near Tulum:

And last, Mexican traditional women are always dressed up in very vibrant colors, usually accented with intricate flower motifs. It is hard to see them in very touristic cities like Cancun, but I have seen many of them in a town called Valladoid. Below is a funny picture of me that is taken in a museum:

I am happy to share some of the photos I took during my travel. I will be definitely sharing more in the future. I am very inspired from all of the things I have seen and experienced in Mexico and looking forward to reflecting it to my arts and crafts in 2013, and most of all sharing them with you. Thank you for reading! See you soon.

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