Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Cup of Sparkle Halloween Pumpkins

Everyone loves Halloween pumpkins. Carving one is always fun, too regardless of your age. At a dinner party, I carved my first pumpkin yesterday. I usually have hard time deciding on a pattern, but this year I had a cool idea... Here is the 2012 A Cup of Sparkle pumpkin sitting on my front porch.
 What do you think? 
Have you noticed the sparkles coming out from the cup?

Have you picked your pumpkin yet for carving or if not, what about an orange pumpkin jewelry to get you in the Halloween spirit? This pumpkin necklace is perfect to wear this season at home, around the office adding all the more joy to holiday celebrations. The pumpkin is in a rich orange color accented with silver components and a tiny green leaf. It is not a perfect circle like any other pumpkin. It is organically grown...

Glass Pumpkin Necklace

 Have a great Halloween season to all you. Lots of love!


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