Monday, June 25, 2012

Branding your Etsy shop Part 1: Name Recognition

I am reopening my Etsy shop this week after a couple months of vacation. Yayyy :) I am so excited! This summer and fall season I will be focusing more on branding my Etsy shop to increase my online presence. I thought I'd share what tools I use and how I use them with my awesome readers via my blog.
NEW Jewelry packaging by A Cup of Sparkle

I will start with a simple, inexpensive step for branding just before my shops re-opening: Name Recognition using labels on packaging. (Talking about packaging, these are my brand new jewelry bags. Make sure to visit again to see the tutorial on A Cup of Sparkle jewelry bags). Here are the five questions and answers I prepared to guide you through the process. 

Why are we labeling? 
I use handmade jewelry bags, so instead of printed labels I recently purchased iron-on labels which will be kept permanent on the bags. Given the fact that the bags are reusable, my goal is to have people remember my shop even if they don't frequently visit my online store. I just want to create that mental, visual signature in people's head with these labels. This is a step that I have to wait to see the impact on the overall sales, but I think it will worth the wait.  

How to choose labels? 
Since I am doing a test run, I choose depending on the price and picked cheap labels. You can get sew-on or iron-on labels. Since I don't have a sewing machine, I got the iron-on labels.  
Version 1 with the URL link and Version 2 without the URL link

What to have on the labels? 
This depends on your business and also on what you want emphasize. I wanted to emphasize my shops name and leave a visual image on customers using a design. I think it is important to have a picture that people can associate to your shop name. Think about your products and make sure to be original... I didn't include my shop's URL, but that can be also added to your label. Usually space and font on the label is the limiting factor. Large font is better then having too much with small font.

Where to buy?
There are tons of shops on Etsy to choose from. I started with only 60 labels from GloriaSticker. They are very simple and feeds the purpose100%. Just search iron-on labels on Etsy and it will give you more options then you want :)

Tutorial on how to iron-on labels to a fabric
How much?
I paid $6 for 60 labels, so each one label costs 10 cents. Depending on the fabric of your choice and customization you want on the label, the labels can go up to $1-$2 per label which are usually made of organic cotton sateen.

This is the first step to branding my Etsy shop. Make sure to come back again to get more tips on branding.

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