Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Born to Run Barefoot or with traditional shoes?

Early January I started my training for my first half marathon which is also my first time distance running. It has been the big challenge that I always wanted to take on and never had the time or enough motivation for. And, I had the perfect excuse for it as I didn't have a full time job first time in my life after finishing school. I could finally cross one of those things from my long "To-Do's in life" list as well as my new years resolutions for 2012.
My training is still going on full speed as I am getting ready to run my first 15K this Saturday in Seattle and the half marathon in June 3rd. Before my big race day I finally finished reading "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall. It was fascinating to hear the stories of ultrarunners and the legendary Tarahamura Indians. I couldn't even imagine what one can do on his feet before reading it. I highly highly recommend the book.

Wondering if I am planning on switching to Barefoot instead of my hot pink Nike's? (Barefoot running is what McDougall argues as the way running should be done.) Nope :)) I think I am going to stick to my girly shoes until I decide to run a 50K ultra-Marathon which is quite unlikely for me...

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