Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Fruits Jewelry Trends: Juicy Watermelon

How juicy and sexy those lips look?

Fruit motifs jewelry is going to be very trendy this summer. Have you seen the Banana earrings by PradaPineapple necklace by Kate Spada and Fruit necklace by Les Nereides? They are some of my favorite seasonal fruit designs in jewelry this summer.

Chunky Ceramic Necklace, $40

I love all of the summer fruits. My all time favorite summer fruit is watermelon, which was my inspiration. Add a slice of fun to your wardrope with this handmade chunky ceramic necklace by A CupofSparkle.  In vibrant luscious watermelon green and red tones, your days will be brighter.

This chunky ceramic necklace comes in orange and multicolor combo as well. You can find them all in Etsy shop.


  1. Melike bu dudaklar ne böyle,kolyenin renkleri de güzel olmuş. Bu arada blogunu da takip ediyorum.

  2. I have to say Fruit jewelry is very creative and innovative idea. I think this trend is going to be very popular this summer. I like the funky and cool design of your necklace. I also try making some pair of jewelry. Although I know it’s going to be bit difficult for me. Thanks for this wonderful idea.
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